The Fields

I have begun to look at my life as a field. All of my past experiences–both good and bad, my relationships, and my gifts, fit into that piece of plowed earth. Everything in that field can be used, cultivated to produce growth, and a good harvest. Yet often times, I think we’d like to overlook some of those past experiences as unwanted and useless. We want to forget. What we miss is this: those things can serve to do great things in the lives around us. Our past is a fertile place, good or bad, it can be used.

Other times I see myself  attempting to plant seeds in earth that isn’t yet ready, or simply outside the bounds of my plot of earth. Then, living outside of my natural limits, I feel stretched thin, unable, often frustrated. Not only this but I realize I’ve not dug deep enough into the land that is ready for seed, watering, or weeding.

I need to claim my field, and I encourage you to also. Cherish this inheritance, sow deep into what we’ve been given, take heart, in due time the harvest will come.

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