Just Ask

photo by Amanda Sinnen

“…The Bible is as much a book about men and women questioning God as it is about their obeying God. We Christians in some misguided definition of faith have seemed fearful of acknowledging this” Katherine Paterson

Something I’ve recently been introduced to is the freedom to question. Okay, so it’s true that I’ve probably always done it. But I think I tried so often to keep it a secret, somehow scolding myself through the process.

As a result of this type of reaction to questions, much of Christianity focuses on the answers (something I’m sure I’ve been guilty of before!). But like Paterson said, God invites us to ask things of Him—it means we’re in true relationship with Him! Just as Jacob in the bible wrestled with the angel of the Lord for His blessing, I think God is waiting for us to come seeking Him for ours. Like any good Father, He could take us down at any moment, but He wants us to win!


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