Taking Communion

I’ve been thinking about communion.

How the word itself is like an invitation. When whispered one might hear, “Come—union,” and then God is waiting there to meet us.

I am thinking about the thin, tasteless cracker and the small plastic cup. How we down it like a shot, licking purpled lips and coughing quick confessions. And God is still waiting. Come—have communion with me.

And I wonder, how it became this— our tasting of God a stale, small cracker, our life-water a one ounce cup? “I will hide you in the crevice of rock,” God said to Moses, “And show you my glory.” Moses understood true communion with God—meeting with him, yes. But wanting to see his glory! And God, our Father, the faithful and good, said, I will show you only my back, for you cannot look upon my face. God knew what was good for this part-time oracle. He knows what’s good for us. He intimately knows our every need, and how to reveal Himself to each and every personality.

So often we pass around a stale and over-used understanding of an infinite God. Have we lost the desire and passion of our predecessors to truly know God’s glory for ourselves? I challenge myself (and anyone who’s stuck around to read this) to ask! To ask a good God to reveal his glory and tell him you’re ready (who’s ever truly ready?), but at least willing to know Him as He wants to be known. Then get ready to taste and see a God beautiful and good as He so desires; get ready to leave behind your pre-packaged understanding. Take communion.

3 thoughts on “Taking Communion

  1. Hey Cuz

    It’s interesting how visceral a relationship with God who is “unseen” is and how little we know and understand of Him. The question that comes to me when I think of Moses’ request is do we know what we are asking when we ask to see His face? My thought is better to ask for all than just a little.

    Keep up the blogging and writing, it’s good stuff. I have put it in my Google Reader so I can see new posts as they come.

    1. Hey Paul!
      Ya, it is so crazy that we can even ask! But I agree–why not ask for it all?
      I look forward to your insight!

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