Osama: An Infamous Icon is Dead

Christ the Redeemer by Andrei Rublev (ca. 1410...
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It’s been too long since I last wrote. And unfortunately, I haven’t found the time until tonight when the world’s longest hide-and-seek champion finally took his last breath.

From what I’ve seen on CNN, twitter, and facebook people are just plain ecstatic. Our nation’s icon of fear is finally six feet under; we weren’t crazy for going to war; and on and on…

I remember watching those two towers flame and fall as a sixth-grader, the tangible fear surged through me.

Osama was man, but he was more than that; he was an icon of fear, a proponent of a sinister way of spreading false beliefs.

But does killing him mean the death of fear, of evil, and hate?

Maybe for a short while. But there’s bound to raise up another icon, another advocate of fear and hate. The same mind numbing hate can be found in other hearts…

Is it yours, or mine?

Don’t let it be.

There’s a man I know. His name is Jesus. He believes in love and tells us His perfect love casts out all fear. He is the conquerer, the all time victor. So tonight, I’m going to praise Jesus. And fight against the hate that so easily sneaks into the harbors of our hearts.