I'm committed to this little man right here. He's pooped on me, screamed at me, driven me mad. But I've resolved to always show him love and patience

I’ll start tomorrow.

Sounds like the procrastinator’s prayer, right? Ya, it disgusts me too.

And so I’ve resolved, (truly only a minute ago) that I must, MUST,  post every Monday. Or this will be another project started and left to dust on the shelf.

My soapbox today: stay committed.

It’s so easy, so common in our Facebook generation (click yes, no, or maybe) to simply wait for the next best thing to come along.  For myself that means I often start something–books, letters, chores, relationships– but never carry through to the end. What is it holding me back? Is it fear? Fear that we’ll only fail eventually? Or is it apathy? That little worm that whispers, what does it matter anyways?

I don’t know what it is for you, but for me it’s a bit of both.  But not all is lost. There are ways to fight it.  Persevere. Say you’ll do something, then do it. Care about your words, let them mean something. After all, there’s only one real way to fail: giving up.

Is there a dream, a goal, a person, even a good habit you’ve given up on? I encourage you, be committed.


What are ways you practice commitment? 



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