The Fourth of July Scintilla

Scintilla (n) A Spark, or very small thing.

With the Fourth of July coming up, I’ve been scrambling to make plans, to find something wildly entertaining, adventurous, or unique to do. The thought of sitting outside and watching some secondhand fireworks doesn’t really fire me up to celebrate our nation’s freedom.

Then today the word scintilla came into my life (or vocabulary). And it’s already got me thinking. I was reminded of  a conversation I had with a good friend, recently. Of course, I was chattering away about what we could do to make the fourth fun, when she quietly added, “I’d be happy with just a sparkler.”

At the moment I thought nothing of it. But, apartantly I needed to hear that, because here I am blogging about it. The simplicity and contentment of that statement is what gets me. It’s a scintilla. Something so small and often overlooked by anyone above the age of five. But that’s all she needed.

Yes, there are big things to think about. Much bigger than sparklers and it’s the fourth and what if I don’t have fun! A teetering economy, possible MN government shutdown, our troops at home and overseas, and, of course, the bloody & beautiful beginnings of this nation.

But should we forget the small things?
I don’t want to.

Contentment, enjoyment–it shouldn’t take so much.

A spark, a sparkler, a scintilla.

Thanks to my friend Amanda and stumbleupon for some inspiration

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