I can believe anything, provided, it is incredible~ Oscar Wilde  

Imagination. The whole concept of reconstructing the past, dreaming of the future, creating people, conversations, scenery, events– it  simply amazes me.  Imagination allows us to do anything, be anyone.

But what is it for?

Like most of the questions I ask and ponder about, I don’t think this one has a single, or simple answer. But the more I’ve been thinking about this, the more I realize that the imagination is a very powerful, God-given tool. It can be used for many evils, but I believe there is much deeper element to this gift than we often see.

what does this look like to you?

So, here’s my thoughts on what I want to start using my imagination for:

1. Imagining what person could do, be, or create if they were living at their full potential. 
— because I believe God has a unique plan for every individual, and a kingdom identity for them, this means I would look at that person with the eyes of Christ and see them with His passionate, irresistible love.  He wants more for them, He sees they’re potential and still loves them where they’re at.

2. Imagining who I could be, what I could do, create, etc. if living at my fullest potential.
–I have dreams, who doesn’t? Sadly, I think a lot of people don’t. Or they did once and traded them in. They settled. “Contentment doesn’t mean being passive.” I read that once somewhere. There is always passion, always courage, and always risk in pursuing something that seems, at the time, to be nothing more than a far-off dream.

3. Imagining what the Kingdom of God is like.
–True, no eye has seen, no ear has heard… but oh man, but minds have imagined! Think of C.S. Lewis (what a guy!) Why was he one of the greatest Christian writers/thinkers of all time? I believe a great deal of this is due to his lively and vivid imagination. He put it to work in books like The Great Divorce, which describes the kingdom of heaven like I’ve never heard, and of course his epic descriptions of Narnia, when it is whole again.

Now that I’ve rambled, I’m curious what you think. As always, this is meant to be a conversation. So what do you think? How do we live with redeemed imaginations?