The Poop Knife & Laughing at Life

No one is listening until you fart.  ~Author Unknown

It’s been months.  I’ve avoided it like the plague, and now, I can escape the poop knife no longer. Let me explain.

The poop knife

The poop knife is part of a diabolical system called cloth diapers. As a nanny, I work for a very environmentally-conscious family, and really, so far using the cloth hasn’t been that bad!

Until solid food.

I used to chuck the cloth diapers in a well-lined garbage can, Momma would wash them, and no worries. But no longer is that an option. Hence, the poop knife. And yep, the name says it all. Maybe poop spatula would be more descriptive, but you get the picture.

The funny thing is, the poop knife is only the cherry on top. Lately it seems any inanimate object is ready to turn on me…

Scenario 1. I’d been using this bristly, really nice-looking brush for … a couple weeks probably… to clean dishes too big for the diswasher or too covered in crusties. Then, just the other day, I inspected the brush to find it covered ((COVERED))  in human hair.
“Uhhhh, did someone use this brush to clean the floor?” I asked my housemates, trying not to gag.
— “I think that’s for cleaning the bathroom, Megs”

Who knew?

Scenario 2. I’m enjoying a nice hot shower, when, to my dismay I realize I’ve left my razor in the cabinet. Well, might as well put use to my long appendages and reach out into the nearby cabinet. I’m fishing around, just feeling it out, when kerplunk.
I’ve knocked my favorite body spray into the open, unflushed toilet.

Why all this shnasty-happenings narrative?

I think it’s funny.
Yes at first it’s annoying, and can really put a person on edge. And after getting over myself,  sometimes I have a rare moment of absolute clarity. And those poop knives in my life bring me back to the hilarity of it all.
Life is so increadibly out of our control it’s almost hilarious.

Soooo, what your poop knife?

Only a few hours after writing this I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet. :}


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