Suddenly I had the urge to write. Anything and everything and not really care how put together it was. I realized I often have this urge. So I created a new category of things and words that are very unrefined. Have fun.

The pages of your mind, unfolding,
are covered in dust.
You are taught to think in alphabetized ways. Or not taught
at all.

You could blame them–someone–
for feeling so upside down.
But you know you’ve been
standing on your hands when they bring
the spoon to your mouth.

It’d help, if they could read you. And you’re easily read
left to write, top to bottom,
like stacks of old encyclopedias.


Living Free From Addictions: Step 3: Entering the Process

I’m not much of an “answers” person. So I don’t have the final answer, and won’t even try to, when it comes to living completely free.

But I do know in absolute surety, it’s a process.

If I’ve acknowledged the addiction, named it, (step 1) and then admitted what I really want and desire and chase after–happiness (step 2). Then I still have to go through the process of free living. Your process will probably be different than mine.

Here’s a few steps¬† we can all take…
1. Tell somebody, even if it seems stupid. e.g. “I’m addicted to my phone. Don’t want to be. Can you keep me accountable?”
2.Watch for the whole ditch and switch. Sometimes we ditch one addiction and switch it out for another. Be mindful.
3. Dwell on truth: Real happiness (what we really)  is found where our roots are.

I don’t need to be doing something “meaningful.” I need to be rooted where all streams, fountains, and waters coalesce. Jesus. He’s my living water. He’s yours. Even if you don’t know Him yet.

I’m in a drought. But, as my buddy Keller said, There’s something about a drought… that makes you reach your roots down even deeper.

And I know where my roots are reaching, there is no end to His depth.

Love and peace.