Week One: Humility

I’ve decided (again) that I need more structure in my life. More consistency and dedication.

There’s a problem though. As bossy as I am, I suck at telling myself what to do.

But I’m going to try this (again). “This” being commitment. For every week in June I am going to blog at least once on one topic. That’s at least 4 posts on 4 different subjects. So this means I can’t just rant about my day or write bad poetry. Yep. Here goes…

Week one.


I have two friends who frequent my backyard this summer. One, a lazy hare whose bed is the clumps of downy earth exposed by our lack of care, the other, a Cardinal.

“Prideful birds,” my mother said, pointing to the red streak on the highest branch of my childhood.

My friend though, hops absently on the earth, idles, then alights to nearby shrubs (so unkempt, they may even be overgrown weeds along our fence). 


There is, I should mention, an incredible Maple tree which shadows are whole yard. I must point my chin to the sky to find it’s tallest branches.

My friend now sings on a haphazard pile of fallen branches we’ll soon burn. For a moment, I wonder why.
But it’s simple.

He forgets himself.

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