the paleo diet (as seen by unintentional dietee)

Through a hazy window, I’m watching ginormous bees slurp at swollen zinnias, thinking. Wow. I’m hungry.

Usually I blog  things I learned, am learning, or just need to process. Today, I am blogging about my life and how much I just want ice cream right now.

A little history…

About 3 years ago I found out I have tiny esophagus condition. (There’s a name for it, but it’s hard to say and I always spell it wrong.) Essentially, my throat is itsy-bitsy and bad cells stick to it. In the past, it was a pain in the tush to eat lots of things. (It should be noted that I still made a way, and LOVED to eat. still do.)

Since the discovery, I’ve been beyond blessed to work with great doctors, nurses, and specialists who’ve both stretched my tiny throat several times, and helped me journey towards discovering what’s causing all the issues.

The 6 food elimination diet

In this discovery process, they think food might be corralling these bad cells. So here’s where I find myself.

No wheat, soy, eggs, fish, nuts, or dairy.

Hm. How do I say this tactfully? I am a fairly… thin person. My ma and da are both tall, leanish people. Most of my relatives are tall leanish people. I am tall and leanish too.

So when I am deprived of food, it seems like my stored fat cells aren’t burned up in the metabolic inferno, my happy cells are.  My happy cells are burned-up and now blowing like ash in my black, black soul.

I want ice cream so bad. I want cream in my coffee and a piece of peanut butter toast. I want noodles that don’t taste like corn and leave cloudy pee-water in my pan. I want soy sauce on rice and lots and lots of eggs for breakfast. I want the biggest, most gluten-y brownie there is.

Paleo disciple

Unintentionally, I am basically on the paleo diet and I am not quite loving it yet.

If you don’t know what paleo is, it’s basically eating like “a cave man”–meat, veggies, fish, nuts, fruit, tubers, dead roadside raccoons, spiders on your deck, basically anything you can hunt or gather besides grain. don’t gather grain.

I can’t follow the paelo perfrectly, cuz I can’t have fish, nuts, or some of that other stuff–sooo, I’m eating whatever I can, including weird flours like tapioca  but NOT the forbidden gluten-pregnant-wheat. So paleo dietee… I’m basically there.

A few things I’ll admit:
1. I’m not bloating at all
2. I’m not having strange random stomach aches
3. If I eat periodically, I actually stay full longer
4. I’m secretly a tiny bit happy that I’m cleansing out nearly every processed food and lots o’ sugary things that give me mood swings

I’m no paleo propogate yet. But. I’ve lonnngggg thought that eating real food (that you actually know what’s in it) is probably safer, better for you, smarter, even tastier, than all the processed nonsense sending US of A into obesity oblivion.

That’s it for now… I’ll keep you posted on if I turn full cave-women-paelo-disciple  in the next four weeks.

Curious about paleo? This guy has a great and entertaining take on getting started.